To make sure you get exactly the cut you want, always show your barber or stylist a photo. Using words and even clipper guard numbers can result in miscommunication.

What Is A Fade Haircut?
Fade haircuts start short and disappear into a short stubble or skin. With an expert fade this transition is a seamless gradient or blur. A popular version of the fade is the skin, bald or zero fade that goes all the way down to the skin, as the name implies. Skin fades raise the hairline and create a new shape. Shadow fades go from short to shorter..

A fade can happen anywhere on the head. Some fades are small and confined to the sideburn, temple or neckline. Mid and high fades are more substantial and cut hair short half way up the head or all the way up to hairline. Low fades cut hair short around the hairline.

Expert barbers and stylist customize the shape, size and transition of a fade to your head and face shape.

Those are the words but fade haircuts are much better explained by pictures. Here are all the types of fade haircuts you can get.

There are so many types of fade haircuts that you can get. In this guide we cover all the most popular fade styles.

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